Sun storm bowling ball review

Sun Storm Bowling Ball Review 2023

When it comes to the Sun Storm Limited Edition, the first thing you will notice is its striking color, and yet, that is just the beginning. What truly sets this ball apart is the exceptional C3 Core, cherished by both professional bowlers and enthusiasts worldwide. It is a core that does not just forgive your moves – it practically cheers you on. Whether you’re drilling or rolling, the C3 Core delivers unmatched consistency every time.

The Sun Storm Bowling Ball features the C3 Centripetal Control Core, which is one of the most treasured cores of professionals and amateurs around the world. The C3 Core is as forgiving as it gets, offering consistent performance and stability regardless of how you drill or roll it. The C3 Core also has a low RG and low differential, which means it will rev up easily and maintain its energy throughout the lane.

Sun Storm Bowling Ball Specifications

Core DesignAsymmetrical Core
CoverstockReactive Resin
VersatilitySuitable for Various Lane Conditions
DurabilityRobust Construction
Weight OptionsMultiple Weight Choices
FinishHigh-Gloss Finish
Color OptionsVariety of Eye-Catching Designs
PerformanceExceptional Hook Potential
SizeStandard Bowling Ball Size
Radius of Gyration (RG)2.49 (15lb)
Differential (DIFF)029 (15lb)

Where is Storm bowling balls from?

Storm Bowling Balls is an American company based in Brigham City, Utah. They are renowned for their high-quality bowling equipment and have established themselves as a trusted and innovative brand in the world of bowling. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the sport, Storm Bowling Balls has gained a strong following among bowlers of all skill levels, both in the United States and around the globe.

Where is Storm bowling balls from?

What is the history of Storm bowling?

Storm Bowling, founded by Bill and Barbara Chrisman, has a rich history rooted in a deep love for the sport of bowling. The company was established in Brigham City, Utah, in 1985. From its humble beginnings, Storm Bowling quickly became a leader in the bowling industry, thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality.

In the early years, Storm focused on creating top-quality bowling balls designed to enhance bowlers’ performance. They introduced groundbreaking technologies and materials to improve ball reaction, hook potential, and consistency. This dedication to research and development led to numerous patents and innovations that revolutionized the sport.

One of Storm’s pivotal moments came in 1991 with the release of the Thunder Line of bowling balls. This line featured the famous “Thunder Bolt” core, a significant advancement in ball design. It offered bowlers enhanced hook potential and control, setting a new standard for performance.

Over the years, Storm continued to push the boundaries of bowling technology, introducing iconic balls like the Virtual Gravity, Hy-Road, and the Crux series. These balls gained popularity among professional and amateur bowlers, cementing Storm’s reputation as a trusted and innovative brand.

Storm Bowling’s commitment to excellence, research, and passion for the sport have made it a staple in the bowling community. With a strong presence in the United States and internationally, Storm continues to shape the future of bowling with cutting-edge products that help bowlers of all levels achieve their best performance on the lanes.

The Perfect Strike Partner

When you step onto the bowling lane, you need a partner you can rely on to help you achieve those perfect strikes. The Sun Storm Bowling Ball is that partner. Its exceptional design and cutting-edge technology offer you the best shot at success.

Innovative Core Design

At the heart of this bowling ball lies an innovative core design. Its asymmetrical core shape ensures that your shots are consistent and precise. You will experience a controlled roll with every throw, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Innovative Core Design

Unmatched Hook Potential

The reactive resin coverstock of the Sun Storm Bowling Ball provides outstanding gripping power. This translates to unparalleled hook potential, allowing you to make those tight curves and accurately hit the pins. Say goodbye to those frustrating gutter balls.

Adaptability to Lane Conditions

Bowling lanes can vary greatly in terms of oil patterns and conditions. The Sun Storm Bowling Ball is designed to handle it all. Whether dealing with dry lanes or heavy oil, this ball adapts seamlessly, giving you a versatile tool for any match.

Enduring Performance

Investing in a durable bowling ball is smart, and the Sun Storm Bowling Ball does not disappoint. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of regular play, so you can enjoy its exceptional performance for years to come.


The Sun Storm Bowling Ball is a stellar choice for bowlers of all levels seeking to elevate their game. With its innovative asymmetrical core design, reactive resin coverstock, and adaptability to various lane conditions, this bowling ball offers a winning combination of precision and power.

Not only does it provide exceptional hook potential, but it also boasts a robust construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The availability of multiple weight options and eye-catching color designs further enhances its appeal to a wide range of bowlers.

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