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Why are there Scented Bowling Balls?

Bowling, a fun game, enjoyed by many people, is about to take a fragrant twist with scented or smelling bowling balls. Imagine rolling down the lanes surrounded by the sweet scent of your favorite fragrances, turning a regular game into a sensory pleasure.

Scented or smelling bowling balls have gained popularity not just among avid bowlers but also among casual players looking for a unique experience. These balls’ fragrance helps to mask the smell of the materials that are used to make the ball, i.e., plastic or rubber.

If you are surprised about these bowling balls, please don’t feel under the weather. We’ll clarify each and everything in the section below.

The Allure of Scented Bowling Balls

Scented bowling balls have taken the bowling world by Storm, and it is not just a trick; there is a science behind the sweet-smelling phenomenon. These bowling balls are only designed to improve your overall bowling performance by engaging another one of your smells. 

Allure of Scented Bowling Balls

But before we go more in-depth into their uses, you need to understand what scented bowling balls are and why they become more famous among bowlers.

What Are Scented or Smelling Bowling Balls?

Scented or smelling bowling balls are traditional bowling balls scented with various fragrances during the manufacturing process. When the ball rolls down the lane, it releases a pleasant fragrance and makes your game good. These smells are available in different flavors like vanilla and cherry to more amazing choices like lavender and even coffee.

Why does Storm make scented bowling balls?

The purpose of these Storm scented Bowling Balls is to take the bowler’s game to the next level and to make them enjoy while playing neither else.

STORM currently has 7 different bowling ball products and almost 24 fragrances.

Here is the Storm Bowling Ball Scents List:

  • Blueberry
  • Boysenberry
  • Cranberry
  • Grape
  • Sweet plum

Some flavors are commonly used in food like:

  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

Furthermore, some scents are related to drinks or food like:

  • Funnel Cake
  • Frosted Cake
  • Orange Ambrosia


Remember that these balls should be sniffed, not eaten or, not even licked.

Are all storm bowling balls scented?

Yes, all Storm bowling balls are scented. Storm is known for having a unique scent into each of their bowling balls, which has become one of their trademark features. The scents vary from ball to ball, ranging from fruity to sweet and even savory aromas. This unique characteristic is part of what makes Storm bowling balls distinct in the bowling industry.

Advantages of Scented Bowling Balls

1. Used to improve experience

Bowling becomes an excellent adventure with scents that can relax, be comfortable, energize, or make you smile while playing on lanes. 

2. Used to improve Focus

The power of scent can make you focus, improve your bowling performance, and give you a friendly environment.

3. Unique Gift Idea

These fragrant bowling balls make for amazing gifts for bowlers or anyone looking for a good present.

Choosing the Right Scent

Selecting the perfect scent for your bowling ball is a personal journey. Assume scents that resound with you or have a relaxing effect to increase your performance. To improve your bowling experience and carry happiness to your game, selecting your favorite fragrance is a very good option. 

The Fragrance that Wants you to Play with these Balls

The reason that manufacturers add smells to bowling balls is that they want you to enjoy playing the game. If a bowling ball that smells good, then you’ll be more excited to play with that ball over other balls, and they know that fact. 

scented bowling ball

We should appreciate them for these scented items since they provide scent to balls that improve the bowler’s experience.

Maintaining Your Scented Bowling Ball

To ensure your scented bowling ball continues to release its delightful fragrance, you will want to take proper care of it. Please make sure to keep it clean, store it in a cool, dry place, and use a reliable bowling ball bag to protect it from external elements.


Scented bowling balls are more than just a wonder – they are a unique way to enjoy the game you love while entertaining your sense of smell. As the trend increases, more products will be released, which will increase interest among bowling fans.

In the end, if you are so sensitive about fragrance bowling balls, then you should try these amazing balls. And am sure you’ll love them and their fragrance. 

Even if you’ve tried these amazing balls before, don’t forget to mention your experience in the comment section.

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