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How to Calculate Bowling Handicap? (With Handicap Calculator)

Calculating a bowling handicap typically involves a standard formula that considers a bowler’s average score and a base score, often set by the league or tournament. The formula to calculate bowling handicap is designed to level the playing field by giving less experienced bowlers a chance to compete against more skilled bowlers.

But before you need to know what is a handicap in bowling?

What is a Handicap in bowling? (How do you Calculate Bowling Handicap?)

“Bowling handicaps means to level the playing field and let players of all skills compete fairly against each other.”

I hope you’ll understand what is a handicap in bowling? Don’t worry I’ll explain more about it.

A handicap in bowling is a system designed to level the playing field between bowlers of varying skill levels. It provides an additional score advantage to less skilled players, allowing them to compete fairly against more proficient ones.

The idea is to give everyone, regardless of their average score, an equal chance to win in a league or tournament. By assigning a handicap based on a player’s average, it ensures that even if a novice bowler is competing against a seasoned professional, they both have a theoretically equal chance of winning.

Keep Reading and am sure you’ll be more clear about it. Furthermore we’ll discuss the easy way to calculate bowling handicap with a practical example.

How do you Figure out your Handicap in Bowling?

Easy Way to Calculate Bowling Handicap

Here is the easy way to calculate bowling handicap using simple formula:

The formula is:

Handicap=(Base Average−Bowler’s Average)×Percentage Factor


  • Base Average: This is a predetermined average, normally set by the bowling league or organization. A common base average might be 200 or 210.
  • Bowler’s Average: This is the average score of the bowler over a specified number of games.
  • Percentage Factor: This is a predetermined percentage, often set by the bowling league or organization. A common percentage might be 80% or 90%.

Here is the bowling score handicap calculator.

Bowling Score Handicap Calculator

This is the as right as rain bowling score handicap calculator and helps you to determine the best bowling handicap score. After using this calculator, you don’t need any other handicap calculators. Now the ball is in your court to use this tool.

Let’s try it.

Bowling Handicap Calculator

A Practical Example

Let’s take a practical example to understand the formula better:

Let’s Suppose:

  • Base Average is 200
  • Bowler’s Average is 150
  • Percentage Factor is 80% or 0.8

Using the formula:


calculate bowling handicap

So, the bowler’s handicap is 40 pins.

Make sure every league or tournament will use its own bowling handicap system so the figure will change from one league to the next one. Don’t worry about it. It is common!

But, the idea will remain the same.

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Now we will discuss why using a handicap system is essential.

Why Is Using a Handicap System Essential?

Here are some key points to understand why it is essential?

Fair Competition: As mentioned before, the primary reason is to ensure that players of all skill levels can compete fairly. By using the handicap, even novice bowlers can potentially compete against seasoned players.

Motivation for New Players: Knowing that there’s a system in place to level the playing field can motivate new players to participate, ensuring they won’t be at a severe disadvantage.

Variety in Competition: It allows for a wider pool of participants in tournaments and leagues, ensuring more variety and unpredictability in outcomes.

Now have a look at a summary of our research. 


Let’s end the handicap into a summary.

  • In bowling, handicaps are calculated using this formula: (Basis Score – Bowler’s Average) x Percentage Factor.
  • The purpose of the handicap is to make games competitive and enjoyable for all players, regardless of their skill level.
  • Calculating handicaps in bowling is simple and easy and you easily calculate handicap by using the formula mentioned above. 

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